About Us

Hello friends, 

We make our sourdough bagels using home-milled wheat berries and high-gluten flour. We hand shape the bagels and boil them before baking them. The bagels have a slightly wheaty, hearty flavor. They stay fresh for up to three days in a bread box. 

We usually deliver on Saturdays in Maplewood and South Orange, but please check the site for dates. Sign up for emails below to hear about future delivery dates and new deliciousness. 

Email us if you run into issues with ordering or anything for that matter. 

We do have a license to be a home bakery, which requires the completion of a food safety course. We also are a registered business in NJ and have proper insurance. 

We can do special orders. Flavors available are plain, everything, sesame, onion, cinnamon raisin, salt, pumpernickel and pumpernickel everythings. 

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Our bagels are vegan. 

--Charles Hammer

 Quotes from customers:

"This pumpernickel everything bagel is amazing – would put it up against any NYC bagel place." 
"I wouldn’t change a thing! The cinn raisin was really great! (I love that they’re warm when dropped off- what a great weekend treat)!"
"I like that the everything bagel had everything sprinkles on the bottom of the bagel bc I rarely see that, and made the bottom of the bagel just as tasty as the top."
"My picky ridiculous kids all loved it despite it being slightly darker and having more flavor than a traditional plain bagel."