Sourdough bagel ingredients and process

Our bagels take 24 hours to make. We mill whole wheat berries to provide fresh, hearty flavor and just enough texture. We also use barley malt syrup to provide that dark, malty flavor of any good bagel. And yes, we boil the bagel before baking. 

The ingredients are high-gluten flour, water, whole wheat flour, starter, barley malt syrup, salt, and cornmeal. They are vegan.

Our regular flavors are plain, sesame and everything. We also make “Pilgrim” whole wheat, cinnamon-raisin and pumpernickel bagels on a rotating basis. 

Whole wheat bagels contain whole wheat flour, water, high-gluten flour, barley malt syrup, salt and cornmeal. 

Pumpernickel bagels contain high-gluten flour, whole rye flour, molasses, cocoa, caraway, salt, and cornmeal. 

Our everything toppings include white and black sesame seeds, minced onion, minced garlic, and salt